Himalayan Salt Lamps are hand-carved from huge salt stones and shaped into any form you like. They are perfect decoration for any home, providing soothing ambiance and relaxing atmosphere. Himalayan salt lamps are believed to have various health benefits. We can provide any type and size of Himalayan salt lamps, including pink salt natural lamps, various shaped lamps, rare white and grey lamps. Treat yourself or present a perfect gift to your loved ones with this beautifully glowing treasure!

Natural Lamps
Shaped Lamps
White Lamps

Himalayan Salt USB lamps are small portable lamps that you can simply plug into your computer’s USB port for power. It’s easy on the eyes as. it shines serenely and provides soothing ambiance and relaxing atmosphere. USB lamps are perfect addition for any work or study place.

Natural Usb Lamp
Shaped Lamp
Shaped Lamp

Himalayan Salt Night Lights combine the beautiful glow and potential health benefits of a full sized Himalayan salt lamp into a convenient night light size. Each salt rock is carved by hand into any shape or size and made into a portable night light. They emit a beautiful warm glow that is calming and inviting. Night lights are perfect for every room in your home and stylish enough to fit any decor.Turn them on when you sleep to create a relaxing atmosphere for yourself or your children.


Himalayan Salt Candle holders are minded and chipped by hand from the Himalayan Mountains. These Candle Holders are perfect for the design-conscious home. They are incredibly versatile and can easily adapt to any style of interior, from a wooden rustic living room to a contemporary reading nook. They provide a relaxing and calm environment for you to sit back and unwind tensions and stress from the daily routine.

Natural Candle Holder
Shaped Candle Holder
Shaped Candle Holder
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