Himalayan Salt Glass

What Are Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses? Benefits, Uses & Tips

These shot glasses are used to serve all kinds of drinks such as tequila, martinis, margaritas, mescals, cocktails, and many more. Let’s find out what these shot glasses are and how they can be your new drinking partner?

What Are Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses?

As the name suggests, these shot glasses are made by carving Himalayan pink salt with hands into the shape of the glass. This salt is achieved by mining large salt mountains that are located in Pakistan. This salt is enriched with minerals in trace amounts that add to the richness of these shot glasses. Himalayan salt shot glasses are pure and natural which is why they are unique and different from normal shot glasses. These shot glasses are available in small sizes to perfectly fit for shots. Their mesmerizing color ranges from light to dark pink is due to minerals present in Himalayan salt. This color is the most distinctive part of these shot glasses. These cool shot glasses are perfect for serving classic martinis, cocktails, tropical juices, tequila, and mescals. Get your hands on these glasses to amp up your tequila shot and margarita game.