himalayan salt animals

Salt provides a valuable source of minerals and trace elements, assists healthy digestion, acts as an electrolyte on hot days, replaces what is lost from perspiration, promotes water consumption, and boosts nutrient absorption into the bloodstream for healthy health cells bodily functions.

The higher the salt intake, the more water the horse will drink. It keeps your horse hydrated while helping its organs detoxify while flushing out any excess salt. The latest developments in horse health and diet research prove the incredible benefits of Himalayan salt for horses

Is pink salt good for animals?

Himalayan salt is a great supplement to your horse's diet. It has an abundance of trace minerals that keep deficiencies away. These beneficial nutrients are great for horses, livestock, and other pets! Himalayan salt is usually hung with a rope in your horse's stall or run-in shelter

Why do animals like Himalayan salt?

Potassium is essential for a strong heart, while Iron keeps your horse's blood healthy. Another benefit of Himalayan Rock salt is the fact that it is so hard, horses have a hard time biting off chunks as they can with regular softer salt licks.