Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab

Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab

Cooking on the Himalayan Salt slab is the latest trend in the culinary world. You must have heard about it unless you have been living under a rock. These Himalayan salt tiles or slabs are being used as the substitutes for the cooking pans and grills and also to serve the food in an artistic manner adding up to the presentation of the dish.So how exactly do you use the Himalayan Salt tile? Let’s find out! Make sure that the tile is completely dry and left for rest for about 24 hours if previously used:

Using gas burner: Place the dry salt tile on top of the stove and set the heat to low. Heat the block for 15 minutes and increase the heat gradually and let it get heated for another 15 minutes. Keep doing the same procedure until you get your desired temperature.

Using Electric Burner: When using an electric burner, do not place the salt slab directly over the heating element of the stove. Place a wok ring or a circular metal plate over the heating element and put the salt slab on top of it. Heat the slab gradually as instructed for the gas burner.

Using Grill: Put the salt tile on the grate and do not place the charcoals directly under the block exposing it to direct heat. Spread the charcoals evenly and expose it to a less direct heat. For a gas grill, follow the same procedure as gas burner and increase the heat slowly starting with a low temperature.

Fun Fact – These Himalayan Salt tiles can also be used to serve cold food and deserts. You just need to let the tile get chilled putting it inside the freezer for a considerable amount of time and then simply serve and present the cold dish on it.

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