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Water services

Himayalan salt sole water

Sole water is basically water saturated with Pink Himalayan Salt. It is not like a normal salt water in which you dissolve small amount of salt in water, in fact the water is completely saturated with Pink Himalayan salt until it no longer dissolves.

Oil services

himayalan salt coconut oil scrub

Pink Himalayan Salt is not just great for your health but it’s also really good for your skin. When Himalayan salt is used in a scrub, it helps in exfoliation and gets rid of the dry and dead flaky skin leaving the skin healthier, smoother and brighter. The minerals found in the Himalayan salt also provide extra skin enhancement benefits and care.
Cooking services

himayalan salt cooking slab

Cooking on the Himalayan Salt slab is the latest trend in the culinary world. You must have heard about it unless you have been living under a rock. These Himalayan salt tiles or slabs are being used as the substitutes for the cooking pans and grills and also to serve the food in an artistic manner adding up to the presentation of the dish.