Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt

Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt is mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. Coarsegrained Himalayan Pink Salt is an ideal salt to add to a salt grinder or grinder. If you want a salt for your grinder, this salt is for you. After grinding, the salt is perfect for cooking, baking, providing flavor and salt but not texture to food. 

Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt tends to be less moisture sensitive than its finer-grained counterparts, so it resists caking and is easily stored. Use coarse salt to grind over any dish, create a salt crust on meat or fish, and to flavor soups, stews, and pasta. 

From a culinary perspective “Himalayan Pink Salt” and Coarse Salt are about the same. Himalayan salt is mined from the Himalayan mountains, coarse salt is typically derived from evaporation, I believe. Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt are better from marinating while the finer grains typically found in Himalayan salt make it better for finishing.

This size works well for regular salt shakers as well as in cooking recipes. Because it melts faster, you can mix recipes and formulas faster than with the larger granules of salt. The coarse granulated Himalayan Crystal Salt is perfect for those who want to use a salt mill or grind their own salt.

Mostly exported Pink Salt Granulate sizes are:

1- Pink Himalayan Small Salt (1-2) mm

2- Pink Himalayan Medium Salt (2-3) mm

3- Pink Himalayan Coarse Salt (2-4) mm

4- Pink Himalayan Coarse Salt (2-5) mm

5- Pink Himalayan Coarse Salt (2-6) mm

6- Pink Himalayan Coarse Salt (3-8) mm


Pink Himalayan Small Salt (1-2) mm
Pink Himalayan Fine Salt SMALL CHUNKS(2-3cm)
Pink Himalayan Coarse Salt (2-4) mm
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