Hand-mined Wholesale

Himalayan Crystal Edible Salt

Wholesale Pink Crystal Salt

NIC Himalayan Pink crystal salt is pure, hand-mined salt found naturally, deep within the pristine Himalayan Mountains.

Wholesale Dark Pink Crystal Salt

By carrying the premium Himalayan Pink Salt to your table, NIC International offers the highest quality Salt of its kind.

Quality& Features:-

Quality& Features:-

Hand-mined Wholesale

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Night Light Salt Lamp

Premium quality Night Light Himalayan Salt Lamps with alluring warm colors and illustrious grade crystals to energizing wellbeing.

Natural Shaped Salt Lamps

Natural Shape Himalayan Salt Lamps are a natural ionizer ridding the air from dust mites & bacteria and provoke healthier living.

Quality& Features:-

Quality& Features:-

Mineral-rich Himalayan

Salt Blocks & Cooking Slabs

Himalayan Salt Blocks

Himalayan Salt Blocks and Tiles are best cooking & serving surfaces that provides an amazing salt flavor without being overbearing

Grilling Salt Plates

Mineral rich Himalayan salt blocks are one of the best tools for grilling &serving a variety of foods with a hint of salt.

Quality& Features:-

Quality& Features:-

Pakmines’ Hand-carved

Bath Salt & Spa Products

Himalayan Fine Grain Bath Saltt

NIC Fine Grain Himalayan Bath Salt helps you to earn a huge amount of health and skin benefits along with a premium quality.

Himalayan Bath Salt Chunks

Regular use of Himalayan salt massage stones and bath salt chunks help to reduce stress and produce positive energy.

Quality& Features:-

Quality& Features:-


Edible Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is available in different colors ranging from dark pink to light pink and also in different grain sizes as per customer’s requirement.

Home Decor

We can provide any type and size of Himalayan salt lamps, including pink salt natural lamps, various shaped lamps, rare white and grey lamps.

Himalayan salt

Himalayan Salt Sole Water

Himalayan Salt Coconut Oil Scrub

Himalayan Salt Cooking Slabe


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NIC Enterprises is a leading manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of Himalayan salt products specially the fine table salt, granulated salt, bath salt, salt lamps, salt candle holder, salt bricks, pink salt, dark pink fine and many more. For more information visit our Alibaba Store at below link;

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